Cancer Warriors Devotional

I haven’t shared anything about my book being published in February 4 through Illumify Media Global. It’s titled Cancer Warriors: 52 Devotions for Cancer Patients and Those Who Love Them. 

The process for this has been crazy fast. I signed the agreement in August of THIS year. So far, we’ve completed the back cover copy. I’m waiting copy editing and a book cover.

I also got head shots. After 12 years, I was overdue. My thanks for Sandy Puc Photography.

I’ll keep you posted!


Immunology, Part 1

Immunology is a new class of drugs. The FDA approved the first drugpills an syringe in 2011. Now there are myriads of them.

Keytruda or pembrolizumab, like other drugs in this category, works with the immune system to help detect and fight cancer. Each works with different kinds of melanoma and boosts the immune system in a different way.

In this case, cancer may use the PD-1 pathway to hide from the T cells the immune system sends out. Keytruda blocks this pathway so the T cells can detect and fight cancer cells.

Unfortunately, the immune system can also attack normal cells. This can lead to side effects. The most common are fatigue, cough, nausea, itching, rash, etc. Compared to other kinds of drugs, these side effects are relatively mild.

BTW, Keytruda is the drug I’ve taken for over a year with only fatigue and rash showing themselves. The last CT scan showed NO tumors. Hooray for modern medicine!

In future posts, I’ll describe other drugs and how they work. Stay tuned!


Don’t Waste Your Cancer

Someone told me this when I was discussing my work-in-progress, a devotional for cancer patients and caregivers. I had just received word from my oncologist that he couldn’t find any tumors in my CT scan.

Her comment made me think. Two years ago, I suffered horrible side effects and screamed, “Why, God? Why?” Could her admonition be the answer to that question?

I’d like to think that in writing the devotional, I will not waste my cancer, but I’m looking for more ways to implement it.

If you’re a cancer patient or caregiver, what are you doing so your experience won’t go to waste?