When I stopped treatment for melanoma, I faced dilemmas. How do I recover my strength? And how, after being wrapped up in the pattern of blood work, infusions, CT scans, and doctor’s appointments, could I reinvent my life?

AwakenCARE offers a 90-day program for recovery. I wish I’d had this back in August.

Sara Gause worked for fifteen years in cancer care but realized there’s a huge gap between “Congratulations! You’re cancer free” and what happens next as survivors try to rebuild their lives. That’s where AwakenCARE comes in.

Through the program, the individual learns Mind Health by working on: reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression, as well as eliminating the fear of cancer recurrence.

The second phase is Body Health. With Sara’s help, the individual works to eliminate side effects, achieve and maintain optimal weight, plan healthy meals, cleanse and reduce future toxin exposures, and exercise.

The third phase is Purpose. I felt rudderless after treatment. With this phase, the survivor discovers gratitude, takes inventory of emotional states, and lives with intention.

This isn’t an instant fix. This is a 90-day program that begins with a phone consultation in which Sara discusses options and pricing. Next is a one-hour intake appointment to help create a plan tailored to the individual.

From there, Sara helps survivors keep on track toward goals through motivation and coaching.

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