The Hair Thing

Hair loss can be traumatic for cancer patients. I didn’t lose all my hair after immunotherapy, but it was getting so thin that I debated whether to go bald, wear a scarf, or invest in a wig.

Cancer Patient Deals With Hair Loss

A wig can cost from forty to thousands of dollars. A number of organizations offer free wigs and scarves for cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or radiation. Here are a few:

Friends Are By Your Side provides free wigs for women and children facing cancer all over the world. Check for the salon nearest you. They also provide styling services to help women feel in control of their appearance. 

Lolly’s Locks believes that looking good can help you feel good. They provide high-quality stylized wigs and even customized wigs free of cost. They have donated wigs to women in 47 states. 

The American Cancer Society accepts wig donations, which are collected for wig banks at their local chapters. Some wigs are distributed through ACS and some through local Look Good Feel Better meetings.

CancerCare is another source as part of their Women’s Cancer Program.

Some local affiliates of Susan G. Komen provide free wigs. 

Also, many cancer centers take donated wigs and make them available free of cost to those beginning breast cancer treatment. 

If you decide to wear a wig, go for it. Take advantage of these organizations and boost your self-confidence. 



2 thoughts on “The Hair Thing

  1. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and numerous medications. I lost all my hair and it never grew back completely. But, that is okay. I am alive and happy to have short hair. 🙂 God is good.

    • I never lost all my hair, which was due to the immunotherapy trashing my thyroid gland. It took years to grow back and was a challenge to my hairdresser. Now I have my hair back. I’m glad you’ve adjusted to the new normal. You look great!

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