A Little Skin

For your edification, here’s the inside scoop on skin cancers from a dermatologist. I wish I’d known this before I let a suspicious mole go undiagnosed. When I saw the doc, it was melanoma.


Courtesy of Phoenix Skin Medical Surgical Group


3 thoughts on “A Little Skin

  1. Thanks, Bonnie! I went to the dermatologist to have some precancerous spots removed from my forehead and was surprised when the doctor became fixated on a small dark mole on my arm. It didn’t meet any of the criteria for a dangerous looking mole, it was just, somehow, a liitle different than the others. The doctor said it was better to be safe than sorry, so he scheduled me to have it removed. He made sure to get it all and it was melanoma, in place and caught very early. So I have an almost invisible scar on my arm when it could have been much, much worse.

    • I’m so glad yours was so easily removed. For me, I had two surgeries to remove melanoma then three different immunotherapies. I had my last treatment in August and am in remission.

      • It’s good to hear that you’re in remission. My personal doctor of 30 years had to stop his practice a few years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer. It had spread—tumors in his brain. The prognosis wasn’t good. But they programmed his T cells to go after the cancer, and he’s now been cancer-free for 5 years and is travelling the world with his wife, doing the things he never would have done if he’d continue to practice medicine.

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